Why Join?

Because it’s awesome! We appreciate there are other places you can go to get help in the digital marketing world. So there’s two key things that we think makes AgencySavvy great: the content and the community.

Mike started AgencySavvy with a mission – to provide the world’s most up to date training on Google Ads and digital marketing. But on top of that, to empower our members with training from instructors that provide an independent take to help solve your problems. Industry professionals like Tom Breeze, Chris ‘Mercer’ Mercer and Trevor Henselwood to name a few, who really know what they are talking about and have a knack for explaining complicated things in a straightforward (and fun) way.

We currently offer 20+ courses that cover Google Ads, Business, Data & Measurement and Marketing. And our list of courses grows every year, driven by the needs of the AgencySavvy community. You can check out our current courses here.

Our courses are designed for all levels of experience so you can easily progress from our Fundamentals courses up to Mastery. Unlike some other online training providers, none of the courses are ‘locked’ and you don’t have to learn in a particular order. You are welcome to jump around to particular lessons to find specific information you need before moving onto something else.

But our courses are just the start. Members also have access to downloadable practical resources, templates and checklists. These resources have been tried and tested (and tested again!) by the team at Mike’s digital agency WebSavvy.

And Mike hosts a live Q&A every month to answer any questions you have.

We might be biased, but we think the AgencySavvy community is what really sets us apart. In a nutshell – AgencySavvy members rock. We’re incredibly proud of the vibrant and engaged group that we’ve built over the years, who share wisdom as equally as they share the challenges that they need help with.

AgencySavvy membership (monthly or annual) gets you access to our private Facebook group with hundreds of marketing professionals from all over the world, with various levels of career experience – from the CEOs of agencies with a seven figure turn-over, through a freelance marketer just looking after a client or two.

Mike is actively involved in this Facebook group – pretty much every working day when he’s not travelling. So this is the place to ask Mike, or fellow members any questions you have, or any problems you need a solution to.

And we have a no-silly question policy – whether it’s a question about ads strategy, dealing with tricky clients, or how to find your next best hire. Basically throw a question into the group and if Mike doesn’t answer it first, another member will be sure to jump in and help!

Nope! When AgencySavvy started back in 2016, we focussed on helping agency owners scale and grow their business. But it’s evolved since then and members are from all walks of life. From business owners, to digital marketing professionals, to solopreneurs, to agency owners.
Basically, anyone who wants to learn, share and grow is welcome.

Our members may be at different stages in their career, but they are like-minded individuals who get what you are building. People who get what you are going through, so you don’t have to do things alone.

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