30-Minute Strategy Sessions
With Mike Rhodes

Game Changing 30 Minutes

Online marketing isn’t quite the wild west it once was, but it continues to be a vast ocean of possibility. Difficult to traverse without feeling cast adrift, ringed by sharks.

AgencySavvy has a lifeline! A lifeline and a map to profitable paradise!

The strategy session with Mike Rhodes is your opportunity to fine tune your online approach.

Mike doesn’t dictate. It’s a dialogue. He doesn’t try to wow you with jargon, he makes the technical stuff make sense and explains how it applies to you and your agency.

Why Get Strategy Sessions

Identify Problems

Dive into your business and look at bottlenecks and constraints that could be holding you back.

Learn From Mike

Mike will help the technical stuff make sense and explains how it applies specifically to you & your agency.

Brainstorm Ideas

Two minds are better than one. Together, you and Mike will brainstorm ideas and solutions for your problems.

It’s 30 Minutes To Cover

Where Your Agency Is Now

Before jumping into finding solutions, you and Mike will identify where your agency is at and the problems at hand.

Where Your Agency Can Go

Then, you & Mike will identify the different pathways your agency could take & find that missing puzzle.

How To Get There

Failing to plan is planning to fail. The next piece is to list out the steps or actions that you need to take to get there.

Want Huge Discounts Too?


You can pay $1495 per strategy session, OR become an AgencySavvy member & get more than 50% off strategy sessions with Mike.

This is one of the many perks of our membership.

As a member, you’ll even get the option to buy 3x, 5x and 10x strategy sessions bundles at a discounted rate. 


It’s 2019. If you run a digital agency today and CANNOT hand on heart say you’re Savvy, then you have a very clear choice to make. One of them is to continue not being Savvy, the other is to join AgencySavvy.

Dan Wilkinson

I no longer need to be in the tools. I can be out there selling & I’m 10x-ing my business. I couldn’t have led the life by running my own. Mike is one of the most generous guys that really cares.

Dan Wardrope

Let’s Work Together

Whether it’s to find your agency’s “what’s next” step, get answers to specific Google Ads problems or brainstorm solutions to solve your agency’s business problems, your strategy session with Mike can help.