Virtual Assistant (VA) Hiring Checklist

If you’re taking the first plunge into hiring a virtual assistant or are well-experienced in this arena, this handy checklist can help you cover all bases – from screening and test tasking to scheduling interviews and cost.

What You’ll Learn

Business Overview

Before hiring, make sure you’ve evaluated your business revenue, ongoing costs, overhead costs & spend appetite

Save Costs

Estimate how much money you can save outsourcing work to a virtual assistant without committing to a permanent employee


Onboarding Essentials

Before hiring a virtual assistant, have your onboarding essentials ready so that they can hit the ground running

Conduct Task Analysis

Test tasks are useful to learn about a virtual assistant’s skills, quality of work and way of working. Do a good task analysis, hire well


Pre-Hiring Checklist

A to-do list of pre-hiring task activities to ensure you make the right hire that will support your business goals

Meet Your Agency Needs

Hire with a purpose & have clear goals and intentions on how the VA will fulfil your agency marketing or administrative needs.

Step-By-Step Checklist To Hire Properly & Confidently

Hiring is scary, we get that. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step checklist to help you with your virtual assistant hiring process.

Knowing why you are making the hire, how it fits in your business goals, how you will choose the right one and have all the resources and systems in place for onboarding can make all the difference.



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