Facebook Ads Sanity
Pre-Launch Checklist

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned-Facebook Pro, pressing that “Publish” button is scary. That’s why we created a 5-point Facebook Ads Pre-launch Checklist to help you stay sane!

What You’ll Learn


If data is king, your Facebook Ads pixel is the queen. You don’t want to be missing out on rich insights and potential revenue.


The best part of Facebook Ads is to be able to segment your audience and send targeted & relevant ads based on their interests and stage of the buyers’ journey


This is THE MOST important element of your Facebook Ads setup. Facebook will optimize to show ads to people based on the objective. Choose wisely!


Unintentional accidents can happen during your ad setup. Don’t let your daily or lifetime budget mistakes impact your client’s ad results & revenue.


The creatives that you choose for your ads play a big role in the performance of the ads. Make sure you cover all bases.


No Mistakes

Don’t let human error get in the way of your success. Follow the 5-points to help stay sane & avoid uncomfortable calls with your clients

5-point Facebook Ads Pre-Launch Checklist

Launching a new Facebook Ads Campaign may be daunting. There are alot of moving parts to have in order before launching your ads.

Use this checklist to make sure you are tracking the right Facebook Pixel events, have created the necessary audiences (inclusion & exclusion lists), and optimised your creatives for maximum delivery and much more. Stay sane & avoid making mistakes!


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