Podcasts that will have you thinking about your digital strategy

Podcasts that will have you thinking about your digital strategy

With the release of the 6th Edition of The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads in early 2021, Mike set out on a virtual book tour of sorts. From the comfort of his home office, he chatted with great minds from across the globe about all things Google Ads, digital marketing and how he’s built one of Australias largest independent Google agencies.


Amongst these hours of conversation are nuggets of wisdom and years of experience. And some pretty great insights into the future of the digital marketing industry. 


While we no longer spend hours putting together mixtapes of our favourite songs – this blog post is more like a treasure trove of audio content that will fuel curiosity and 2 am lightbulb moments.


Happy listening!

Digital Marketing Fastlane

Are you thinking of using Google Ads to advertise your product? Countless businesses have been using Google Ads but never talk about the pros and cons. In this episode of Digital Marketing Fastlane, Mike talks about; the effect of Google hiding search queries reports, alternative data feed apps, and the increasing competition rate.

Digital Marketing Fastlane – Episode link

Casual Fridays Podcast

Like everything in digital marketing, Google Ads are evolving, and they’re evolving fast. So much so, Mike had to re-write nearly 80% of his book, The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, in the recent 6th edition.

Mike joined Tyler to discuss Google Ads’ fundamentals and what businesses need to know to place ads on the platform in this episode of Casual Fridays.

Casual Fridays Podcast – Episode link

Buying Online Businesses Podcast

In this episode of Buying Online Business, Mike expounds further on what makes Google Ads the best machine that you can put your money into to grow your eCom business. Talking all about tracking and measuring the right data to know your ads’ effectiveness, why targeting has to be paired with creativity for your ad to perform well and what not to focus on in marketing. 

Buying Online Business – Episode link

The Authors Unite Show

The Authors Unite Show is all about conversations with authors, Mike joins Tyler Wagner to talk about the 6th edition of the Ulitmate Guide to Google Ads, robots and Artificial Intelligence.

The Authors Unite Show – Episode link 

Digital Marketing Radio‬

Have you been using Google Ads in the same way for several years? Maybe you’re not even actively using Google Ads because it seems just a little bit too complicated at first glance. Join David Bain as he interviews Mike on the Digital Marketing Radio‬ podcast.

Digital Marketing Radio – Episode link


Webcology takes a deeper look at the ecosystem of the Internet as it affects webmasters and web marketers from the points of view of two well-known web marketers, Jim Hedger and Dave Davies. Based on interviews with special high-profile guests or panels, Webcology introduces, explores and explains how the various segments of the web marketing world work.

Webcology – Episode link

The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast

In this episode of Site and Visibility, Mike and Scott dive into the idea of customers losing access to their data because of Google’s increased adoption of AI, red flags to look out for when considering a new client-agency partnership and How Mike uses the mantra of ‘trust, but verify’ when approaching new Google Ads ‘smart’ features.

Site and Visibility – Episode link

PPC Burrito

PPC Burrito is a podcast all about the world of Pay Per Click marketing, and the businesses that use it. Becky and Michael are joined by Mike to discuss his unusual journey to Melbourne and explain how automation really is the future of our industry…

PPC Burrito – Episode link

So, you are a passionate eCommerce enthusiast just like us?

Richard Hill, interviews guests from a wide range of eCommerce related industries on the [email protected] Podcast.

Take a listen to this episode for some fantastic tips to get your Google Ad accounts in the best shape possible, as well as some insights into what the future could look like for PPC.

[email protected] Podcast  – Episode link