Measurement Fundamentals – launching April 2021

updated: February 11, 2021 by: Mike Rhodes
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Measurement is what sets digital marketing apart from traditional ‘above the line’ ads. But what should you measure? And how?

You know that your decisions need to be made more on the data & less on your gut these days. But with so many possibilities it can be hard to know where to start with your data, tracking & measurement.

This course will give you a framework to use with clients and inside your agency or business. To know what matters, ways to visualise the data & much more.

We’ll also look at the difference in metrics like CPA, ROAS, ROI & LTV – which should you be using?

Attribution & incrementality are two of the thorniest topics in marketing these days. We can’t promise to ‘solve’ those for you – but we’ll get you thinking about them from multiple vantage points.

And of course profit. The one metrics that typically matters more than all the others to marketers. Maximizing your ad spend is the goal of the platforms, but maximising profit is probably your goal – or your clients.

Launching January 2021.

Meet your instructor

Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes is the CEO and founder AgencySavvy and WebSavvy, and co-author of the world’s best-selling book on Google Ads 'The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads'.
Meet Mike Rhodes

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