Google Shopping Ecommerce Online Course

A practical, step-by-step video course to guide you to your first successful Google Shopping campaign. Learn how to use Google Shopping, from setup to profit.

If you’re an agency or online advertising professional wanting to get into ecommerce, consider taking the course.

Google Shopping campaigns (also known as Product Listing Ads) is a powerful way to get your products in front of motivated and targeted prospects. We will teach you why and when to use Shopping ads and how to set up the 3 key components: Your online store, Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads.

Learn the tips, best practices and strategies to help you become a Google Shopping expert. In a short space of time, this course will take you from a complete beginner to advanced Google Shopping ads advertiser.

What You’ll Learn

Setup Your Own Online Store

Using Shopify as an example, you will learn how to set up your own online store correctly and track the data you want.

Setup, Tracking & Bidding

When to use shopping ads, how to bid properly, set up the 3 key components and track important metrics.

Ecommerce Product Listing Ad Options

Advance your knowledge about PLAs and learn the different extensions and ad placement options (i.e. YouTube).

Google Merchant Centre (GMC)

What GMC is, why you need one and how to set it up to easily make changes to online listings.


Manage Product Feed Well

Everything from naming convention and rules to tools and technology to improve your shopping campaign results.


How To Diagnose & Troubleshoot

Diagnose common issues, how to troubleshoot and fix the problems fast – without going crazy.

Success Stories

You guys have no idea how much I learn from all of you. The crazy part is I am just a beginner in all this. I still have so much to learn and grow. It is quite possible that after I learn how to use the GDN we’ll push to open an Agency. You can bet your a** we’re going to get AgencySavvy!

Daniel Khiyayev

This forum, the contributors & Mike make this THE best forum for PPC and Paid Digital Media out there, bar none.

Kurt Henninger

Wow. First of all – thanks, Mike! This content is great and our accounts are improving like crazy! This one answer helps me make money on many levels. This community is platinum!!

Philip Cross


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