Google Ads Mastery Online Course

Evergreen tools, processes and techniques you can apply for any Google Ads campaigns. This course is based on the new interface.

This Google Ads course is designed for beginner and intermediate agency owners who want to master Google Ads and have the right tools, processes and action steps to grow your clients’ accounts.

While this course was created based on the older Google Ads interface, the strategies and best practices you will learn are evergreen. Learn how to create, manage, and optimize campaigns – never worry about change in interface.

What You’ll Learn

Repeatable, Scalable Processes

Systemise your ad management for your team of account managers or virtual assistants from day one with our easy processes.

Evergreen Techniques

Learn to focus on the right metrics, choose the right bidding strategies and target audience to get maximum revenue.

Correctly Setup Google Ads

Setting up campaigns well can make a huge difference in the ROAS so learn how to set up your accounts correctly and never waste a dime again.

Effective Google Ads Tools

Use these tools and technologies to make more ad management more effective and efficient.


Carefully-Designed Action Steps

We have workflows that we use to manage and optimise accounts and never have anything fall through the cracks.

Effectively Optimise Campaigns

What you need to do on a daily basis to effectively optimise campaigns and know what and how to prioritise tasks

Success Stories

Wow. First of all – thanks Mike! This content is great and our accounts are improving like crazy! This one answer helps me make money on many levels. This community is platinum!!

Philip Cross

I really love the easy and simple way you convey and teach what is a very complex subject. Perry Marshall is good too, but not as good as you!

Stephen Bolin

AgencySavvy helps you zoom out of your specific activity, and through his lens – look at everything from a much more effective and professional standpoint. Mike’s knowledge of the Google system is highly inspiring.

Ilan Avraham


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Learn evergreen processes and techniques that can be applied for any account.