Google Ads Fundamentals Online Course

A beginner course to learn the practical skills and techniques of managing your clients’ Google Ads accounts – from campaign management to optimisation basics.

In 35 bite-sized modules, you will learn all the major concepts, lingo, tactics and strategies you need to have the confidence to run your own account.

Mike Rhodes will teach you how all the many pieces of Google Ads fit together and what to do inside your account. This course covers: The big picture, a guided tour, knowing your goals, using keywords, writing ads, building campaigns, tracking conversions, optimising your account and even a sneak peek at some more advanced topics.

Take this Google Ads Fundamentals course and develop the knowledge and skills you need in just 3 hours.

What You’ll Learn

The “Big Picture” Of Google Ads

Before plunging deep into Google Ads, understand the basic concepts and how they fit together to form a well-oiled strategy.

Conversion Tracking

How to track conversions so you are attributing ads accurately, maximising spend and increasing profit.

Google Ads Optimisation

Increase your conversions and return on ad spend (ROAS) by split testing and optimising your bids and copy


How To Set Up Campaigns

Get a walk-through on how to set up Google Ads campaigns from start to finish.


Great Ad Copy

Combine the art and science of copywriting and write ads in a way that appeal to the users’ goals and motivations.

Intro To Some Advanced Google Ads

Dip your toe into more advanced Adwords strategies such as automated bidding and remarketing.

Success Stories

I’ve never been a part of something where there is so much help and engagement.

Brett Cadiente

A lot of what I know about Adwords I’ve learned from Mike over the years, and I’ve often asked myself how he operates, how he finds and manages staff, how he finds, onboard and communicates with clients, and everything else necessary to run a successful business. Well, I got the answers.

Johannes Klupfel

As a newbie to Adwords, I am feeling so glad that I discovered you!

Bonnie Power


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Learn all the basic concepts, metrics to measure and strategies to confidently run your own account.