From Data to Information to Insight

Lessons in this course: 3
Duration: 30 mins
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In this course, Mike explores how to use data to create insights for the future, opposed to focusing on historic performance.

Breaking down the difference between; data, information and insights and giving a framework for analysis that can drive action.

The nature of our roles as marketers and agency owners are changing and we are now being asked questions like; What’s going to happen next? what haven’t we tried? and what should we do to maximise our current budget?

As we move away from execution and machine learning gets better, our efforts should be redirected to focus on strategy and finding ways to use data to inform our decisions.

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Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes is the CEO and founder AgencySavvy and WebSavvy, and co-author of the world’s best-selling book on Google Ads 'The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads'.
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