Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Marketers Course

This course is designed to take you on a high-level tour of AI and how it can and will
affect your agency over the coming years and start spotting new opportunities now.

Artificial intelligence is powerful and will create new opportunities for us as business owners and marketers. Whether you are driving the company’s marketing strategy or doing the day-to-day work, having knowledge in AI will only become more important and valuable as technology progresses.

To ensure that you are starting early and not being left behind, this course is designed to help you get the big picture, basic artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts and how your agency will need to evolve over time.

The best advice we can offer is to not get too caught up in the tiny details. Take this course and learn important principles that will help you prepare for the advent of AI.

What You’ll Learn

AI & Your Agency

How AI has and is impacting the marketing landscape and how your agency will need to pivot accordingly.

Examples of AI In The World

Real life examples of how artificial intelligence is being used today to enhance and improve our lives.

Deepmind & Neural Networks

An introduction into what is Deepmind and Neural Networks, how it works and what it is designed to do.

How To Prepare For AI Economy

What kinds of questions to ask yourselves to prepare your agency and your clients for the future of AI.

Success Stories

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Things are going well. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for answering my questions thus far.

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Wow. First of all – thanks Mike! This content is great and our accounts are improving like crazy! This one answer helps me make money on many levels. This forum is platinum!

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