Agency Owner’s Blueprint Online Course

A course built to empower agency owners of new and seasoned agency owners to overcome issues that come with running and managing a digital marketing agency.

Looking to start your own digital marketing agency or scaling your agency? You will need the 4 pillars of business: Mindset, Clients, Team and Systems.

Starting or running an agency is not easy. Digital marketing agencies are often in constant feast or famine cycles but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Get the tips and advice from someone (Mike Rhodes) who’s done it. This course will teach you how to have the right growth mindset you will need to take your agency from zero to six figures.

We will show you how you should utilise tools and software to manage and automate as many areas of your agency as possible.

Coupled with open team communication and a strong business strategy, you will unlock the keys to building a healthy digital marketing agency with predictable recurring revenue.

What You’ll Learn

Build A Growth Mindset

How to build a resilient, growth mindset in order to ride through the ups and downs of this agency business life.

Build & Grow A Team

Whether you are looking to make your first hire or scale your business, learn how to hire appropriately and structure your agency.

Create Scalable Systems

Using technology and management processes to develop systems that will streamline and scale your team.

Achieve Progress, Not Perfection

Get the blueprint for building repeatable wins — straight from the experts who have perfected them.

Build A Pipeline Of Leads

Cash flow is king. Discover how to land more retainers and run your agency more profitably.

Manage & Delight Clients

This is key to client retention and referrals. Learn how to best service and delight your clients at every touchpoint.

Success Stories

Mike’s Agency Savvy has been a major breakthrough for my business. Being able to ‘look under the hood’ of his business has been very beneficial. With his help,I have been able to implement the systems and processes he uses in several areas of my business. He has helped me with building a great team, on-boarding new clients and staff, getting new clients and how to scale up and grow it to a 7 figure business. He is very generous with his time and expertise. I would highly recommend Agency Savvy to anyone wanting to grow their Agency with confidence and professionalism.

Trish Fehon

It’s 2019. If you run a digital agency today and CANNOT hand on heart say you’re Savvy, then you have a very clear choice to make. One of them is to continue not being Savvy, the other is to join Agency Savvy. I joined on day one, April ’15, and it took me 3 weeks to say to Mike Rhodes – I’m A Member For Life.

Dan Wilkinson

AgencySavvy is a great program that walks through all important aspects of running a successful agency. A lot of what I know about Adwords I’ve learned from Mike over the years, and I’ve often asked myself how he operates, how he finds and manages staff, how he finds, onboards and communicates with clients, and everything else necessary to run a successful business. Well, I got the answer.

Johannes Klupfel


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