Courses FAQ

Want to know more about our courses and what makes them different?

We currently have 20 courses which fall into one of four different categories – Google Ads courses, Business courses, Data & Measurement courses and Marketing Courses.

Many of our courses like Google Ads and Shopping cover fundamentals to give you the basics, then work up to Mastery to help you really nail your craft.

We are continuing to add new courses, so visit our Courses page to see all our latest offerings.

The majority of courses are taught and designed by Mike. But when our members need something outside of Mike’s expertise he brings in special guest contributors who are specialists in the industry.

Our guest instructors are not just chosen on how much they know, but how they teach it.

Every one of our instructors are passionate practitioners who are using these tools day in, day out. They’ve built successful teams or agencies. They’ve had setbacks along the way. And they are keen learners themselves. Plus, they’ve taught our members things that have blown Mike’s mind!

Importantly too, they are a down-to-earth bunch and have an amazing ability to simplify complicated things in an easy and often entertaining way.

Check out our guest instructors here.

Nope! Our courses are all unlocked and are designed to allow members the freedom to learn what they need, when they need. Jump between courses and lessons, and back again. It’s up to you.

If you’re still doing Google Ads the way you learned 3 years ago, you’re doing it wrong. Things move quickly, and so do we.

AgencySavvy aims to provide the most up to date training on Google Ads in the world. We frequently add new modules and lessons to our courses to ensure they stay as up to date as possible.

We also aim to add a new course or webinar every single month, based around the needs of our members. If they want to learn something new, Mike will find a way to make a course happen!

We try very hard to make sure our content is as strategic as possible. Often these strategies and principles don’t change over time. We do have some courses that we recorded a little while ago and may look a bit different to our most recent courses, but the majority of the content is still relevant so we keep these courses accessible to members to learn from.

When courses become out of date we replace these with new courses.

You sure can! Our comprehensive Search Mastery course is available for single purchase for $1990USD. To purchase the course please contact [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

Our Google Ads Fundamentals course is also available for FREE to non-members if you are looking to trial AgencySavvy.

Our entire course library, resources and access to our private Facebook group are available to members only.

We aim to keep our courses as up-to-date as possible! Feel free to reach out to our support team who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and let you know when a certain course was last updated!

The industry moves fast – So alongside our courses, AgencySavvy membership gives you access to the private Facebook community. Filled with like-minded members and digital marketing professionals, you have the support and resource of the members to keep up to date on industry changes and to ask questions along the way!

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