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by | May 22, 2019


If you’ve been pondering on the idea of whether to join hundreds of other agency owners from around the world to help increase their clients’ success, read on.

We’ll share a bit about who we are, why agency owners choose us, and how becoming an AgencySavvy member can take your digital marketing skills, online endeavours, and agency to a whole new level of success.

What Is AgencySavvy & Who Is It For

A beneficiary of Mike Rhode’s Melbourne-based digital agency WebSavvy, AgencySavvy is an educational community for digital marketing agency owners, account managers, and digital marketers to help grow their business, team, and systems and processes to scale.

We share our mistakes with our agency owner members and the strategies that work so that they can succeed and help their clients more than ever.

AgencySavvy offers both member-only and free online resources about all things digital marketing and how to improve, grow & scale your agency, including numerous courses about Google Display Network, Google Ads, e-commerce, team & culture, automation and more.

Why Agency Owners Choose AgencySavvy

If you want to be the best, it helps to learn from the best.

Since Mike started WebSavvy, we’ve been building and running campaigns for businesses and brands worldwide for over a decade. Now, we’re one of the top 18 Google Agencies in the world and a premium Facebook partner.

We’ve been there and get it, you want to scale your agency but don’t quite know how. Juggling all your clients work, team needs, systems to build and agency cash flow on a daily basis can sometimes feel like you’re more stuck than anything.

Which is why AgencySavvy will teach you the 4 pillars of business that Mike believes to be crucial in order to scale your business and find new levels of success.

    • Clients. How to manage client happiness, satisfaction and retention.
    • Mindset. The correct mindset you will need to help you achieve the freedom to run your business in the most productive way possible.
    • Team. How to build the most satisfied, accountable and high functioning team that love working in your agency.
    • Systems. Which systems and processes you can implement to manage productivity and be able to scale your agency to higher growth.

At AgencySavvy, we want to share what we’ve learnt and continue to learn with our members so that they can apply it to their own agency and clients.

We help agency owners and digital marketers figure out ‘what’s next’ for their business and how to profit from future trends, especially in Mike’s interest areas of AI, automation and the future of Google Ads.

One of the best parts of the membership is the 2 monthly Q&As that members get access Mike & Trevor directly to learn the latest Facebook Ads changes and ask their burning questions about agency life, Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Explore our FAQs.


AgencySavvy was the perfect course for me at a time when I really needed it most. In the 12 weeks, it basically completely changed my mindset, taught me how to use systems, how to identify what I should be delegating, all in the safe environment of a community.”
Ilana Wechsler – Green Arrow Digital


How AgencySavvy is different

At AgencySavvy, our first point of difference to other agency owner memberships is that we provide resources and use a proven framework that’s positioned on the 4 pillars of agency growth: clients, teams, systems and mindsets.

As experts in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we can guarantee our teachers (like Mike) have had the first-hand experience in the trenches to get real results for real clients.

This means not only do you get to build a worldwide network in a close-knit community, but you’ll get to learn from people who are continuously learning – creating a cycle where you’ll always stay ahead of the curve and be able to jump on future trends whenever and wherever they arise.

We even create a personalised progression plan with you and take the time to learn who you are in order to provide you with the resources that will most benefit your digital marketing agency, and onboard you properly.

Mike Rhodes is one of the very few people that I can say I have learned a ton from in Google Adwords space. I have been following and learning from Mike for a good number of years, and in that time I have made the biggest jump in my Adwords knowledge, he is an amazing teacher. When it comes to all things Google, Mike is second to none, and can absolutely get you where you want to be in the search engines. If you want a great experience, and awesome results, Mike can certainly deliver on both!”
Dietmar Dyck


Mike’s AgencySavvy has been a major breakthrough for my business. Being able to ‘look under the hood’ of his business has been very beneficial. With his help,I have been able to implement the systems and processes he uses in several areas of my business. He has helped me with building a great team, onboarding new clients and staff, getting new clients and how to scale up and grow it to a 7 figure business.”
Trish Fehon – Online Influence Pty Ltd



You can see why our AgencySavvy members love the perks so much. We provide you to ongoing resources from digital marketing experts, member-only valuable resources, member-only courses, a Personalised Progression Plan, monthly Q&A sessions and a close-knit community of agency owners.

Become an AgencySavvy Member today and take on the digital marketing agency life the savvy way.

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