Should You Spend On Branded Search Terms On Google Ads?

by | May 13, 2019

Should you spend money with Google to buy ads for your own Brand name?

We get asked this a lot. From tiny companies to huge.

We recently devised an experimentation strategy for a top 50 firm here in Australia (that we can’t name, sorry) to give their in-house SEM team a way to test this.

The test was clear – Yes you do.

This case study is from a different client account…
Sure you can save some money, in this case about $3k a week in Google costs, because those prospects “will find you anyway”. You rank #1 in organic listings, so surely you don’t need to spend money on ads as well…. Do you?

The chart shows about a $190k DROP in revenue (from Google ads) per WEEK because of that $3k “savings”.


At which point you better hope that your Analytics is set up right, so you can see the impact on the business as a whole… Although the “money in the till” will probably tell you what’s broken at this point.

For this business, their Facebook rev is down, YouTube is down, impressions overall are down.

Branded Search matters.

If nothing else to stop competitors running ads above your organic listing.
Just as a defensive play We think it’s worth it (typically 5-10% of spend).

To be clear rev didn’t drop $190k per week in total. It’s less than that (obviously we won’t say how much here).
But it was more than $0! A lot more.

And using the “paid and organic” report in Google Ads we can see there were 45,673 Impressions from the 2 brand campaigns the month prior to switching brand off… when ONLY the ad was shown (no organic listing). Of course, you can’t ask Google to only show ads then, but that’s a lot of revenue (in this case).

Sure. test these things if you have to. But please believe the data once the test is run & move back to the strategy that makes more sense (higher profit, more impact, whatever your metric).

Please don’t insist on testing & then “listen to your gut” once the data is in because that’s what you prefer to do, or what makes life easy… the numbers don’t lie.

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