Member Success Stories: Pete Evans’ Paramedical Pathway To Success

by | Jun 26, 2019

Since hosting Unplugged 2019 we’ve kept in touch with our event attendees. We recently caught up with AgencySavvy member Peter Evans, to find out a little more about him and how Unplugged has helped him on his journey to success.

Meet Peter Evans

Peter started a website design company as one of his earliest business endeavours. As a keen self-learner with an interest in marketing, his business and curious mindset allowed him to test different marketing strategies when selling websites.

Peter would use every outcome he experienced to learn what marketing strategies did and didn’t work. He’d often find himself questioning how successful businesses actually became successful, why Google did what it did – and what it meant for him. His ongoing quest for knowledge led him to become an AgencySavvy member in order to learn the best digital marketing tools and strategies from successful digital leaders like Mike and Trevor.

Peter continued to test the waters of different markets and business ventures to find where his real success would lie… Then suddenly, he found it.

As the mining boom in Australia began and Peter noticed a gap in the industry market – a major lack of trained paramedics and medical knowledge. Knowing it was now or never, he focused on creating a business and website dedicated to paramedical training courses, known as the Australian Paramedical College.



The Australian Paramedical College Journey

The Australian Paramedical College (APC) is a nationally recognised and accredited training provider of paramedical training courses in Australia.

Endorsed by the Australian Government and Australian Council for Private Education & Training, the APC launched into the international market by partnering with London Ambulance Service and major Universities  to create more opportunities for graduate medic officers and paramedics.

Initially, Peter worked within the APC undertaking the majority of digital marketing duties. But as his business reached new heights he understood that in order to expand the company he’d need to expand his team.

It was difficult to hire, at first, given Peter had quite a lot of knowledge in marketing. Once he found the right Marketing Manager for his business, they worked together on the marketing strategy and have excelled ever since.

At the height of running the APC, Peter had built up a team of 36 people. He believes the key to his online business success was to hire good people with shared values and work ethics. Plus having a well-optimised website provided the APC with a salesperson 24/7.

In 2019, Peter merged the Australian Paramedical College (APC) and his other company Industry pathways into the GO2 People, an ASX listed recruitment, building and training services.

Today, the company continues to offer Australians pre-hospital emergency training courses and qualifications.

The process of the merger into the GO2 people only took 5-6 months, which is comparably a very short time given that most business acquisitions take at least 12-18 months. Impressive effort!


Why Peter Attended Unplugged 2019

Unplugged focuses on bringing entrepreneurial minds together and getting business owners away and unplugged from their business for a day. By stepping away from their businesses, Unplugged let’s agency owners think about it from the outside.

Given Peter’s positive experience at the 2019 Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego, he hoped that Unplugged would be another great event where he could learn new information and strategies whilst meeting new like-minded business owners.

As Peter was in the process of selling APC when he attended Unplugged, he was eager to gain further direction about what his next step in business should entail.

For the next few years, Peter will continue to work at the GO2 People as the Head of Marketing & Sales to ensure the company continues in a progressive direction.


How Peter Manages The Ups And Downs Of Entrepreneurship

Unlike many business owners, Peter doesn’t stress much! By following his life philosophies and everyday principles has helped Peter develop a schedule that works best for him.

Peter likes to work hard in the morning in order to take the rest of his day at an easier pace. He recognises his time as valuable, so avoids getting stuck in unnecessary meetings. He also delegates the right tasks to the right people – which stems from hiring the right people in the first place! It’s all about strategising.

We are so excited for your next journey. Good luck, Pete!

If you’re like Peter and on a quest to find the right strategies for digital agency and marketing success, you can become an AgencySavvy member today.

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