Member Success Stories: From Ecommerce Store Owner To Agency Owner

by | May 28, 2019


Meet Sara Jones

Based in South Wales, in the UK, Sara owned an ecommerce business before she started her digital marketing agency, One Eyed Cat Online Marketing in July 2004.

Featured on BBC Radio 4, Business News Wales and Western Mail, Sara has learnt the pains of being an ecommerce business owner over the years, and how effective online marketing strategies can propel an ecommerce business to success.

When Sara first started in ecommerce, she was an accountant who didn’t know much about Google Ads but had decided to take charge of her own self-education journey.

It didn’t take Sara long to realise that she actually enjoyed working with Google Ads… more than actually selling products for her business!


Her Journey With AgencySavvy

In 2017, Sara became a PPCSavvy (before we rebranded to AgencySavvy) member. When asked how her self-taught knowledge compared to the content and courses available in AgencySavvy membership, she declared, “I knew nothing!”

She is certain, however, that if she knew then what she knows now, her own ecommerce business results would have looked a lot more positive.


Where She Is Today

Sara prefers to work with small to medium ecommerce businesses so that she can make a stronger and more significant impact to their goals and results, whilst still suiting her own work and lifestyle desires.

One Eyed Cat Online Marketing currently offers ecommerce clients Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Remarketing strategies and services. Sara really is getting results too. Check out these happy testimonials.

Yet, forever forward-planning, Sara’s looking to expand into eBay Ads and Amazon Ads in the near future.


How AgencySavvy Has Helped Sara

At the start of her journey, Sara was relying on AgencySavvy to help her up-skill with courses more than anything… Today, she utilises her membership for the access to a genuine community and network it proves. She even stated, “I don’t know what I’d do without AgencySavvy.”

So what happened in-between?

It was AgencySavvy’s eager-to-share nature and openness that reassured Sara that we are an ongoing resource who’s willing to share trade secrets.

Our member-only Q&A sessions took her growth and experience to a whole new level. Every month, she gets to learn about Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads and general agency business so that she too, can stay ahead of the curve for her clients.

By having a safe space, a community of intelligent and hungry agency owners who go through the same experiences as Sara, she feels comfortable to ask any questions (there’s no such thing as a dumb question!) and feels confident knowing there is always someone who will happily answer the questions and share tips.


AgencySavvy Unplugged Event: Sara’s Experience

Unplugged is an AgencySavvy event designed to help members from all over the world get away from their businesses, disconnect from their devices and actually think about their business from the outside – with no distractions.

During Unplugged, AgencySavvy members and Mike help each other solve different agency business problems and brainstorm solutions to improve the current business strategies.

It was at this event that helped Sara plan out her milestone goals for the year, gain clarity on what she needs to do to achieve the long term business goal and most importantly, that she CAN do it.


What Sara Learnt From Unplugged

Even 3 months after Unplugged, Sara continuously refers to her learning notes and has her poster stuck on her office wall to remind her of her milestones every day.

These new prioritised solutions help her focus on what’s important rather than those new shiny opportunities that distracted her in the past.

Some of the insights she got:

  1. Not relying on herself so much.
    Facilitated by Mike, her fellow members suggested multiple ways for her to gradually transition into hiring people and free herself more time in the future.
  2. How to prepare her business structure to sell her agency early.
    As selling One Eyed Cat Online Marketing was Sara’s ultimate goal, her peers gave her suggestions on how to use her influx of new clients as a way to highlight problem areas. Followed by how to fix and systemise her business structure.

As agency owners, we know the ride is not always smooth-sailing and we need a way to manage the stress and overwhelm.


How does Sara deal with the rollercoaster of agency life?

She takes her dog, Ollie for a walk and delights in the scenery of her hometown in South Wales whilst sitting on a hillside.

If you want to learn how to grow your agency in a sustainable way and create the life that you want, become an AgencySavvy member today. We will guide you on how you can do exactly this confidently with our 4 pillars of business: Clients, Mindset, Systems & Digital Marketing.


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